Ice Replacement Pads

The modern day solution in temperature control for the transporting of fresh, perishable and heat sensitive products.

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The Ingenious Features of PeakFreeze

Freeze Factor

PEAKfreezes excellent ‘freezing duration’ factor, when packaged under proper conditions, makes it much more economical and vastly superior to conventional ice.


The cellular construction of PEAKfreeze means unhydrated, it is lightweight and compact, great for easy storage. Once hydrated, PEAKfreeze is inherently flexible. It can be folded or bent along the divisions between the sachet cells to adjust to the shape of the products being packed. For example, a fresh tuna fish can be lined with PEAKfreeze with the sachet cells inserted into its belly cavity to ensure maximum chill control during transportation.

Fluid Retention

PEAKfreeze unique formulation is designed for total moisture control to prevent dehydration and to efficiently retain fluid when thawing finally occurs. Unlike messy, meltable ice, PEAKfreeze does not leak fluid when fully saturated.